Monday, January 16, 2017


Stumble: Also known as "Nanobooze" or "Hangover", this nanodrug directly simulates the effects of heavy alcohol consumption - without any "positive" effects. Consumed orally, this drug causes the subject to immediately feel a sense of vertigo or lost balance, often blurs or distorts the vision and generally makes them feel drunk - only their cognition is not necessarily impaired nor is social inhibitions depressed. The result is they take a -30 to all Freerunning, Climbing or other similar tests related to movement for the duration - and may need to make Coordination or Reflex tests just to walk straight. [Low]

Stumble does not have a wide userbase. It acts fast, lasts long and because it affects regions of the brain associated with alcohol can be addictive. But, as many experimenters with the substances have said "it's no fun at all". While some eclectic hedonists prefer to skip drinking and other effects of alcohol, they are rare. More commonly, Stumble is used as a prank and slipped into an unsuspecting "rube's" drink - or is occasionally used to pacify subjects and prevent them from escaping. Some anarchist judicial collectives will incapacitate persons accused of violent offenses with Stumble to make sure they are unlikely to harm others while they are processed. It is most commonly sold in large bottles of multiple doses, though single dose "mini-bottles" are easier to obtain.

Application: O
Onset: 3 Action Turns
Duration: 16 Hours
Addiction Modifier: +10
Addiction Type: Physical

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