Friday, January 20, 2017

Brand Name Weapons #5 - Misc

The M18 Officer's Field Weapon is a relatively new JNA weapon designed to replace standard sidearms for officers and other front-liners. This system is a railgun weapon designed to give high weapon penetration and accuracy even in pistol form, ideal for stopping armored targets and dangerous "transhumans". Sadly, the sophistication has had a negative impact on JNA's usual design philosophy, making the weapon more complex and not as easy to maintain, though it is still as rugged as such a design could be. It's also fairly bulky for a pistol, and lacks rapid firing modes, but has a slightly larger magazine capacity for it. [Moderate]
AP -7 2d10+8 DV SA  Ammo 12

Omnicorp SL-TZ4 Safety Laser Pistol:
Omnicorp does not usually produce weapon systems, the Safety Laser is an outgrowth of their energy industry, and is a common sight on space station security forces. Infamous for it's safety yellow casing, the Safety Laser is a pistol-sized weapon which combines a Laser Pulser and Stunner into a small-sized package. This gives it a slightly less effective range, and both pull from the same battery to impact energy efficiency, but it's smaller size is very useful in certain conditions. The smaller size also means the laser function lacks a stun pulse mode. Reduce maximum range by 10%. [Moderate]
AP 0 2d10 DV SA  Ammo 100
AP 0 1d10/2+Shock DV SA  Ammo 100

Pai Gow 母狮 "Lioness" Machine Pistol:
One of a small number of weapons produced directly by the Pai Gow security company, which is moderately hidden as the private security force for several Triads based out of Qing Long. The Lioness model is a common, compact pistol designed for high rates of fire. A balanced weapon, this pistol is very frequently seen "pirated" in the hands of Triad thugs or street punks across the solar system, and is noted for it's simplicity to assemble out of a fabber. Pai Gow continually professes innocence to these weapons being illegally distributed - falling back on the common excuse of Autonomist pirates. The weapon also has a large recoil compensator on the front. Reduce the penalty for the Attacker being in Melee by 10. [Low]
AP -2 2d10+2 DV BF/FA  Ammo 18

Pai Gow 蛇 "Serpent" Tactical SMG:
The Serpent model is another common weapon produced by Pai Gow for private security functions. An intermediary between an assault rifle and an SMG, this weapon is called "tactical" because of its high modularity and flexible ammo. Featuring higher caliber rounds, the Serpent also has a massive magazine capacity normally, but is also commonly sold with a smart magazine system to allow for precise selection of the ammo. This tends to make the Serpent a little bulky compared to other models. [Moderate]
AP -2 2d10+5 DV SA/BF/FA  Ammo 40

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