Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Rainy Day

Recreational drug usage has been associated with arts at least since the 20th Century, and certain aspects of art, religion or spirituality have been enhanced with substances since prehistory. This is a firm aspect of a "drug culture" common in some cultures across the Solar System - perpetuated by healing technology to remove damage and health problems. But drugs come in many stripes. Stimulants raise mood and energy, encourage activity. Narcotics create numbness, painlessness or euphoria. Hallucinogens (particularly psychedelics) encourage vivid images, sounds and other "unreal" sensations. And depressants bring you down - they can encourage focus, suppression of certain emotions or inhibitions or just to relax.

Rainy Day: Rainy Day is a potent, short-term depressant which also causes foggy memory. If you ever want to just lose an hour or two in a dark fugue, this drug works for you. In addition to purely recreational usage, however, it is also taken sometimes by artists to create ephemeral or depressed arts. For the duration, it grants +5 to INT, but a -30 to all tests to remember events which occurred while using the drug. It also commonly causes a state akin to depression or mild hallucinations when used. While relatively short lasting, it's effects are very pronounced, and have been repeatedly sworn by certain users. Long term use tends to make memory damage and mood alterations permanent. [Low]

Rainy Day comes in several forms and applications. It can be taken orally as a pill or tablet, called "rain drops" usually (or "dropping Rain" when one takes it). It can also be injected, or comes in the form of smokable cigarettes. Those who utilize Rainy Day frequently are called "Rainers" or "Rainmen", usually - an there is a whole sub-genre of art associated with it's use. Rainy Day has a physical addiction, but it's tolerances are fairly standard and non-extreme making it fairly common in the system. Rainy Day is a very artsy drug, taken usually by people who aren't already depressed enough by their real life and thus is common in middle or upper classes. There has been at least one "Rainer Madness" campaign in the Planetary Consortium about the "dangers" of the substance making the youth lazy, depressed artisans instead of skilled technical workers or management, but didn't go far.

Application: Inh, Inj, O
Onset: 1 Minute
Duration: 1 Hour
Addiction Modifier: 0
Addiction Type: Physical

(Rainy Day is another substance engineered by members of my homegroup - expanded writeup by me.)

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