Saturday, January 14, 2017

Artificial Organs

In the modern, 10 AF period, organ transplants and replacement are fairly simple. Biomods or Medichines will prevent most long-term damage, though severe damage or failures are not impossible. In this case, a quick dip in a healing vat will fix most damage - or, pre-Fall fabrication technology allows fairly rapid "printing" of a new organ from a DNA sample fairly quickly, to be implemented in conventional surgery. The latter method is so reliable at this stage that most morph manufacturers and rental services offer extended warranties on all organs to be replaced at no additional cost. And, worst comes to worst, a new morph can be provided.

Prior to this, "synthetic" or artificial organ technology was fairly mature - but is now underutilized. While Pods often utilize artificial or hybrid organs to save on complications of using purely organic ones, use as a full medical technology is incredibly limited. For those who do use it, it is because of stigmas or restrictions on fabrication technology which make printing of organs expensive or rare, or persons with specific ideological concerns about cloning - or "hipsters" who enjoy adding plastic and chrome to their bodies for aesthetic purposes, either completely voluntarily, or as an alternative to normal medical treatment. "Off the shelf" artificial organs are also sometimes used by doctors as a stop-gap measure to keep patients alive and functional if their facilities are overcrowded and/or understaffed. While most artificial replacements can operate well above human norms, most synthetics are adjusted to work at about the level expected by a particular Morph. Over- or underperforming organs can lead to health complications.

This means artificial organs are fairly cheap and almost entirely cosmetic. They offer no additional benefits to the user other than at GM discretion (such as a tailored toxin or virus which destroys heart tissue not affecting someone with a robot heart). For purposes of description, many forms of bioware installed as cyberware can be fluffed as artificial organs - such as a cyberware for enhanced vision being a synthetic eye. [Low]

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