Friday, January 27, 2017

Corporations #2

Here is another batch of off-the-cuff Hypercorp ideas you can include in a game.

Major Industries: Apparel, High Fashion
Aeon is a clothing company based on Luna. They were originally a subsidiary of a larger megacorp, but after the Fall their parent company dissolved, and they were able to strike out on their own. Aeon's aesthetic is "Future" - whatever clothing they produce, from unisex utilitarian jumpsuits (ideal for spacers) to classic long coats and tight pants or ethnic wear, is influenced by the past couple centuries' thoughts of the future. Things are shiny, clean with a slight flare for monochrome colors and body-fitting designs, with luminescence strategically inserted. Aeon is notable for their minimal use of nanofabrication, preferring by hand manufacture using indentured Synths. This has led to many Outer System polities boycotting their clothing, but also an interesting uptick in imports to the Jovian Republic. Their logo is an "AA" which has been stylized by calligraphy, and is rendered in prismatic colors.

Major Industries: Asteroid Mining, Prospecting
Colonial Corp was a small startup business in near-Earth asteroid mining originally. Because most of their business was done off-planet, the company was able to survive the Fall, and sold a lot of their mining rights or product to larger hypercorps afterward. This left them a lot of capital to move to the more lucrative and less labor intense work of asteroid prospecting, which they hire several contractors to perform in the Inner Fringes. In addition to mining and prospecting however, there are consistent rumors that the current CEO (the son of the previous CEO who died on Earth) has an interest in "long-term" preservation of transhumanity, and has poured massive money into data and cryogenic storage facilities in otherwise resource-poor asteroids. Their logo is c2.

Major Industries: Aerospace
Klein Fabrication started as a privatized conglomerate of several aerospace programs in eastern asian countries. They subcontracted many designs and components for a wide variety of ships and habs of all sizes. During the Fall, their physical assets were demolished and much of their funding evaporated without governments to contract. However, their executives survived, and were able to consolidate in the LLA. They do a very small business now servicing their IP - offering repairs and replacement parts for their systems which can be found scattered through all manner of ships. They are also said to have ties to much larger corporations in the Consortium, such as Fa Jing. Klein was briefly famous in some circles for attempting to repossess several Scum Barges they were majority constructors of - which failed spectacularly. Their logo is a "K" stylized to look like a futuristic spacecraft.

Major Industries: Implants, Medicine
Matsundai is an Extropian corp founded by corporate rebels, to provide open sources alternatives for medicines and implants. Their primary market is in traditional medicines, but they also handle some basic pharmaceuticals and medical devices or implants. They have been targeted for corporate warfare by several large conglomerates, which often hurts their bottom line - and recently they had to sell the rights to some of their implant products to morph designers on Extropia in order to stay solvent. That said, Matsundai still operates with their ideals in mind, trying to provide better sources for medicine than many restrictive corporations. Their logo is their name under the Japanese kanji for "to heal".

Major Industries: Security, Architecture
Mazecurity is an odd-ball corporation, they specialize in "secured construction and architecture". That is, they help design or overhaul buildings to be more secure and difficult to infiltrate. Their primary market is in basic security devices, such as bug zappers, portal denial systems, slippery walls and false doors. They also offer design and consulting in sensor placement, and building layout, to improve sight-lines or confound intruders. Some workers find their designs too good, and complaints of having to work in a mazecurity secured building are common on CivicNet boards. Mazecurity also has some oddball products, such as armored desks and tables, and strangely waist-high walls. Their logo is a maze with a keyhole in the center.

Major Industries: Security, Exotic Physics
Outerlight-Sundyne is an curious company. On the top-level, they provide equipment for law enforcement and security services, such as riot shields, body armor, less-lethal or crowd control weapon systems, etc. Their products are even fairly popular. However, the company is generally considered to be not very profitable, as they spend most of their money on an incredibly outlandish R&D budget. Supposedly, this is involved breakthroughs in armor technology, but it is believed to be experiments attempting to recreate TITAN designs for magnetic deflectors and NXRA or anti-Seeker lasers. While this would be a huge boon, many groups are cautious about how they obtain their research material. Intelligence also suggests they are interested in exotic physics phenomena, including possibly Psi abilities - and may have developed certain Psi countermeasure systems one can find if they know the right people. Their logo is a black octagon with "OS" on it.

Major Industries: Agriculture, Biodesign
PGA is a relatively small corporation who develop transgenic or neogenetic strains of agricultural plants. Their products are mainly developed for yield, efficiency and hardiness so they can be adapted to any number of habitation conditions. Perry primarily makes designs, and only produces their own products for testing or sampling purposes - which is how they avoid problems with much larger companies like Prosperity Group. It is suspected Perry has ties to narcoterrorism in the Inner System, though some of this just appears to be a friendly working relationship with several Scum Swarms who purchase their more exotic products, such as a tomato plant integrated with tobacco. Their logo is the chemical formula for Polyglutamic acid (PGA).

Major Industries: Synthmorphs
Soul Motors is a bit of an underdog corporation in the LLA, claiming to build synthmorphs "by synths, for synths" - which makes them widely unpopular and socially distasteful among the upper classes, but with strong support from working indentures. As most indentures cannot afford morphs on their own period, their primary market remains in replacement parts and aftermarket additions, but several Lunar corps have attempted to improve relations with workers and working class by buying synthmorphs from SM to sleeve their indentures into. They are also fighting an uphill battle to make Synthmorphs more socially acceptable - and are currently said to be importing advanced designs from the Outer System. They are frequently under government examination for possible ties to groups such as the Steel Liberators - but actually they seem more likely to have the backing of corporations from the Morningstar Confederacy attempting to engage in memetic warfare on Luna. Their logo is a stylized robot face over "SM".

Major Industries: Brewing, Liquor
Wave Brews started as a local Martian microbrew operation started by a few ex-Indentures who were since unemployed. But, reaction XP to their product went viral on the mesh, and they have blown up to a small but respectable company on Mars. They primarily brew or ferment product - though have recently gotten into distillation, and they focus both on low tech methods (to preserve traditional taste and minimize hypercorp interference opportunities) and on high automation - they refuse to employ indentures. Their varieties of beer and sake are most popular, but they also have a notable "Marsshine" brand, and several other liquors. Currently they're having a push to generate enough business to start working inside the Planetary Consortium, dedicated to altering their attitudes from within. Their logo is a stylized wave of an amber color.

Major Industries: Construction
Way-Sun is a Venusian corporation originally involved in habitat construction (and notable for their product flops like "space lumber"), until the discovery of the Vulcanoid Gate. From there, Way-Sun made a lateral move into construction and exploration on Exoplanets, with their models of pre-fab construction or subcontracting being popular with certain independent colonization outfits. Way-Sun is known to be owned and backed by a large charity organization who frequently work and donate to help infugees and the corporation is known to undercut indentureship contracts to give workers a "fair shake" and involvement in colonization, though this damages their profitability. Recently however, there have been some rumors that the company chair has taken an interest in xenoarchaeology and is looking to recover and study alien artifacts. Their logo is a gray hex.

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