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Handmouth Exsurgent

Vector: Nanoplague, Biological Pathogen
Infectiousness: Victims/Exsurgents are infectious with the Biological Pathogen from fluid transfer from Stage 2 onward.
"Handmouth" is the uncreative name for a Xenomorph strain variant which appeared on Luna and some surrounding areas during the Fall. The infected are characterized by pale, bloated skin, and a bizarre growth mutation where they spawn random mouths or other openings in the body - which in turn may sprout additional functioning arms (which may or may not have mouths) in a bizarre fractal cluster of mouths and limbs. They also frequently lose eyesight or other forms of sensory function, lose the ability to speak, but develop additional powers. "Handmouths" have been identified as being Psychically active in the past.
The original source for this infection is a fast-infecting nanoplague which was released by the TITANs in weapon modules during the Fall, some of which may lie dormant on the surface of Luna to this day. However, the exsurgents themselves are also infectious with a more traditional pathogen if their fluids are contacted with. Due to the age, the Infection Rating should normally be in the 30-40 range, though a GM may make this higher to represent a refreshed strain.

Stage 1
Timeframe: Infection to 1 hour (nanoplague)/1 week (biological)
Stress: 1d10/2 SV
Similar to Haunting/Xenomorph (p. 367 EP) virus, this infection rapidly takes hold in the mind and body of the subject. Once infected, they develop the Psi trait at level 1, gaining the appropriate mental disorder and gain a random Psi-Chi sleight. They begin to show basic physical symptoms in line with this sub-strain: pale skin, blurred vision, swollen tongue, rashes or itchy patches on the skin and rapid loss of body hair. They also will feel feverish. They may also experience pain or weakness in the limbs, especially the arms, which makes basic functions difficult.

Stage 2
Timeframe: 1 hour to 2 hours (nanoplague)/1 week to 2 weeks (biological)
Stress: 1d10 SV
Again, as per Haunting/Xenomorph, subject develops the Psi trait at level 2, again gaining a new Mental Disorder. This is where the transformation begins proper. Skin begins to thicken and bloat as they develop Vacuum Sealing, fingers and toes grow elongated and sharp. The eyes begin to degenerate and seal shut. Most telling, however, is that the victim's skin damage begins to fully form into mouths, which have their own teeth and may start to grow long scabrous tongues. Toward the end of the transformation, the iconic features emerge - additional forearms sprout from mouths on the end of the original hands, and a new hand (with it's own mouth) emerges from the original mouth. This process greatly weakens the victim, causing 1d10 DV which cannot be healed normally until the subject is completely infected.

Stage 3
Timeframe: After 2 hours (nanoplague)/After 2 weeks (biological)
Stress: N/A
Subject is completely transformed, and becomes an Exsurgent (and an NPC). Their eyes are lost and replaced with tiny mouths, and they begin to sprout additional random arms from the mouths. They begin to rapidly develop additional Psi Sleights, as well as any other traits they may have. The mind is similarly completely subverted, becoming a hostile TITAN agent or random attacker, losing most of the skills they had in life. Psi powers and echolocation replace vision as primary sense.

+5 COO, +10 REF, -10 SAV, +5 SOM, +1 Speed

Threat Level: Red
Numbers: 1-2
COG 20 COO 20 INT 20 REF 30 SAV 10 SOM 30
WIL 25 INIT 11 SPD 2 DUR 45 WT 7 DR 68
Fists: 60, 1d10+3 DV AP -0, Reach
Subdual: 70, see Subdual, p. 204, EP. The Handmouth may perform a Bite attack (below) against subdued targets with a Quick Action.
Bite: 60, 1d10+4 DV, AP -1
Fray/Armor: 60, 8/8
Perception: 50, Hearing 70 (Handmouths cannot "see", but can still sense Infrared radiation)
Move: 4/16 Walker
Skills: Freefall 40, Freerunning 40, Infiltration 35, Psi Assault 60, Sense 60, Unarmed Combat 60 (Grappling 70)
Ware: Basic Mesh Inserts, Echolocation, Enhanced Hearing, Oxygen Reserve, Prehensile Feet, Vacuum Sealing
Traits: Limber (1), Mental Disorder (pick two), Psi (2), Psi Defense (1)
Psi Sleights (example): Onslaught, Ambience Sense, Ego Sense, High Pain Threshold, Alienation, Psi Shield, Psi Stab, Spam, Predictive Boost
Stress Test: 1d10 SV
Exsurgent Infection: Any victims targeted with the Handmouth's Bite attack are subject to the biological infection.

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