Monday, January 30, 2017

Minotaur/Holstaur Pod

Minotaur (Pod)
Implemented by Fortean, this morph is a design based on classical mythology which also makes due as a decent security or enforcer morph. The upper torso is that of a (quite tall) human with heavy, thick build layered in muscles but the head and legs are styles after a bovine, typically a bull. This includes both long legs ending in hooves, and the traditional bullhead face - with some slight alterations. This includes moving the eyes closer together so they mostly face forward, and alterations of teeth and jaw structure to be omnivorous, matching with the fact that it has digestion based on a human. Long horns jut from the head, which when combined with an average 3 meters of height mean small doors can be a problem - but they are devastating weapons also. Generally, while intimidating, Minotaurs are considered unpleasant to look at, as their features are distinctly animal and then off-putting besides. As minotaurs have hooves, and lack proper feet, there are many habitat designs which do not allow them proper footing - which can be a hinderance.
Implants: Access Jacks, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Bioweave Armor (Light), Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Smell, Fat Storage, Hardened Skeleton, Mnemonic Augmentation, Oxygen Reserve, Puppet Sock
Movement Rate: 4/20 (Walker)
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 45 (w/Hardened Skeleton)
Wound Threshold: 9
Advantages: +10 SOM (w/ Hardened Skeleton), +5 INT, +5 WIL, +10 Intimidation, Horn Attack (2d10 DV, AP -3), Pain Tolerance (1) trait
Notes: Large Size, Non-Human Biochemistry, Social Stigma (Pod), Uncanny Valley trait, Lacks Feet
CP Cost: 45
Credit Cost: Expensive (40,000+)

-Holstaur Variant
Variation on the Minotaur designed by Anarchists back on Chat Noir who got a hold of the design and decided to make it "cute", which also makes it much more useful in normal conditions in the Solar System. Holstaurs are normally sized, though still a little heavily proportioned, with only the lower body having cow-like features (hooves). While still impressive, their horns are slightly smaller to make them more manageable, and they've been retuned for herding and other defensive behaviors which generally make them more sociable. The human face additionally is well built to be appealing and friendly to most - making them much better at face-to-face interaction while still keeping their slight menacing air. Their hardening mods still exist, however, making them quite dangerous in a fight if underestimated. Holstaurs may be equipped with non-prehensile cosmetic tails, or cosmetic ear mods.
Implants: Add Enhanced Pheromones
Advantages: +5 SOM (w/ Hardened Skeleton), +5 SAV, +5 INT, +5 WIL, add Striking Looks (1) trait, Horn Attack becomes 1d10+1 DV AP -1
Notes: Remove Large Size and Uncanny Valley traits.

CP Cost: 40

(Another mythological/monstergirl type reference. Saw a version of the original from some time ago, and was inspired to make my own try on it. The Minotaur is another variation on the typical "big burly" type morph, with decent DUR, great SOM, the built in weapon and intimidation bonus, but the counterpoint of the "hooves" problem, like with the Centaur. The +INT is for INIT and also reflects a more balanced situational awareness to the core Minotaur, which makes a good fighter. I went with Uncanny Valley instead of Attractive because specifically I thought the idea of a more anthropoid cow able to speak human language would specifically be off-putting to people, but a talking Orca or Pig wouldn't be bothered - unlike if they saw a horrific bugman face. The Holstaur then is "okay, take big burly and make it more utility". It technically breaks the variant rules, but those are extremely limiting anyway and it isn't truly its own morph line. So, this one drops Large Size (but doesn't Reduce, it's more just a remodel still built on a tough frame) and Uncanny Valley via having a real face - and adds Striking Looks, a SAV bonus and Pheromones to get much more social advantage - though it loses some SOM and the Horn attack becomes weaker. This makes a morph which can still go some rounds, but is much more socially adroit. It can influence people, determine their motives better, and is actually better at intimidating. Minotaurs are thugs and enforcers, a Holstaur can make a pocket Fury or a bodyguard - nobody expects that cute (literal) cowgirl to pull a diamond axe from behind her back and slam it into your chest.)

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