Sunday, January 29, 2017


As noted under False Death, sometimes you need to secure your physical body to prevent capture of your Ego, or some other vital intelligence. Maybe you must actually delete the copy, or you just need to fake your death for a second. But, in the case of some uses, you may also just need to ensure physical destruction of yourself and anything in your immediate area. In this case, Synthmorphs may be armed with a Self-Destruct.

Self-Destruct: This robotic enhancement embeds an explosive charge into the synthmorph, which can be remotely detonated at any time, or is also enabled to go off if the morph ceases to function. When activated, it completely destroys the morph (deal damage equal to DR) and deals 6d10+12 DV with an AP of -4 with normal Area weapon rules. This device mimics an enlarged fragmentation grenade, with the morph itself forming the shrapnel. In addition to trigger by the morph itself, Self-Destruct can also be activated via a Puppet-Sock or Ghostrider with the appropriate permissions, and some are even set with timers. Not compatible with Hidden Compartment. [Expensive]

Self-Destruct devices are illegal in almost all habitats, and even those without such regulations tend to be distrustful or wary of a person carrying a live bomb inside their body. Bots and drones armed with Self-Destructs are common for covert operations - but prominently Cases or Griefer morphs armed with these enhancements have been seen in acts of terrorism by those protesting oppression of Synthmorphs or Indentures on Mars and Luna. Detecting these devices can be done with Gamma or X-Ray screening, or a Electrical Sense check, and may also be detected with a powerful Chem Sniffer system. At GM's discretion, a Critical Success on a combat check against the Self-Destruct morph can cause the device to detonate prematurely, or be damaged so as to be inoperable. If installed into a Large or Very Large morph/vehicle/bot, GM may also double DV or AP at their discretion.

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