Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Shotgun Ammo

(The following ammo types are designed to work with Shotguns from SquireNed's An Ultimate's Guide to Combat. AUGC is fairly simulationist and crunchy in terms of mechanics, adding on top of normal EP rules and adding new combat gear and rules - the concepts below are written more generally to be compatible with a broader ruleset)

Prices listed are for 20 rounds.

Hive: Similar to the Buzzer (p. 341 EP) this highly advanced and specialized round contains a special, streamlined nanoswarm hive. When fired, it releases the nanoswarm which activates and disperses into the air in a cone pattern at the target. It does no damage, only is used to deploy nanoswarms on target. Normally, this is used with systems like disassemblers or injectors to get multi-purpose swarms on target, but some units have utilized guardian swarm hive rounds to combat hostile nanoswarms. [Low], plus Nanoswarm cost

Riot: Also known as RIP (Round, Irritant Personnel) shell, these rounds contain a powdered form of CR Gas (p. 324 EP) with some inert filler and aerosolizing components so it expands as a cloud or vapor when fired. The purpose of this round is for crowd control or riot suppression. The shell does half damage, and doubles the targets Armor Value, but any biomorph which doesn't have environmental seals hit with this weapon must make a SOMx3 test, or be incapacitated for 3 Action Turns as they begin to cough or vomit. Those who pass still take -30 to all actions, which is reduced by -10 each Action Turn, from coughing, blurred vision and nausea. [Trivial]

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