Thursday, January 19, 2017


For most, the nanobandage (p. 333 EP) is the common way to handle injuries. The self-sterilizing nanotech provides basic painkilling and begins the healing process. For small injuries, it and a basic course of first aid is more common than the extended dip in a healing vat. Medichines can perform this function intrinsically, but the miracle medical nanotech is not accepted or implemented universally. But, when serious injuries occur in the field, sometimes you need to prep more than just rolling bandages, and sometimes one needs long lasting relief and protection to get to medical attention and remain functional. In this case, there is Numb.

Numb: This nanodrug is applied via a paste or spray to the site of an injury. The nanobots contained inside are a medical mixture designed to inhibit pain, disinfect an injury and remove foreign debris, and stabilize injuries so normal medical procedures or directly healing nanomachines can work. It allows a user to ignore the penalties for 2 Wounds for its duration, but only Wounds they already had (so if a character has 1 Wound, takes Numb, then receives a second Wound, they do not remove that second penalty). Often used as part of a basic course of first aid, Numb allows someone to remain conscious, functional and stable despite serious injury. [Moderate]

Often coming in little pots or dermal spray bottles, Numb is found in first aid kits and pharmaceutical fabs across the solar system wherever nanodrugs can be made or sold. It is somewhat slow-acting, but long-lasting, ideal for people who may be injured gatecrashing, or in remote locales far from a local hospital or doctor. The painkilling effect is strong, however, and there have been several recent high-profile cases of "numb abuse" in the Planetary Consortium. Addiction is not uncommon, so medical personnel must be cautious when using it and it should not be applied to every scrape or bruise.

Application: D
Onset: 30 Minutes
Duration: 24 Hours
Addiction Modifier: -10
Addiction Type: Mental

(Numb originally conceived by members of my home gaming group, details expanded on by myself)

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