Monday, January 23, 2017


For most purposes, the Vacsuit (p. 333 EP) is the standard form of sealed suit - which fits most needs. In case of an emergency hab breach, Light models or the "Smart Vac Clothing" are ideal for a quick emergency. For those who routinely operate in vacuum (i.e. vacworkers) the standard model is preferred, with some specialized variants available for specific tasks. But, some people do not live in "vacuum", such as those on certain moon bodies, or even in the desert regions of mars. In this case, a full vacsuit might be "overkill", a technology which is not quite needed though it works just fine. In this case, a more limited alternative has been devised.

Stillsuit: This light variant on the vacsuit is designed for desert operations, and is designed to retain moisture and stabilize temperature. It was named from an old sci-fi story, which has lent names to several geographic features of Titan - where the suit is most popular. These black, form-fitting suits utilize smart fibers to insulate and keep moisture inside where it can be recycled - while not vacuum-rated they protect from low pressures and a temperature range from -75 C to 100 C. Under normal circumstances, the unit's built-in storage and recycling can grant 3 days of air and water (and does not recycle food), and it can easily be plugged into a Life-Support Pack (p. 156 Gatecrashing) to last longer. The bubble helmet comes with headlights and a Radio Booster. An enhanced version is available which increases the protection to -120 C. Counts as Fireproofed and Thermal Dampened. 9/7 AV. [Low], [Moderate] for Enhanced.

This suit, as noted above, is most popular on Titan as a short term unit which allows one to walk about on the surface without advanced mods for even extended periods. It is used by pioneers and frontier workers who do not spend their full time in the open like the Hulders. From Titan, it has spread to various exoplanets via the Pandora Gate, where the economy of it makes it ideal for arid conditions of various temperatures - and it has seem some limited adoption in other Gatecrasher circles. Rumors of a "reboot gang" armed with Stillsuits living as bandits or hydrocarbon river pirates out in the wastes of Titan are still unsubstantiated, despite being the subject of several popular vid series.

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