Friday, February 24, 2017

Vids #2

In the same vein as the original Vids, a collection of media programs one might find browsing the mesh or one's media library - great for adding a little flavor to your game.

A cooking vid/XP series actually run by the Ultimates in cooperation with Go-Nin group. The best chefs in the solar system compete to make dishes out of exotic ingredients - including some which may be toxic to handle. The real challenge comes when the ingredients are from live creatures, or appear in specific and exotic locales requiring the chef's team to send somebody to kill or retrieve what they must cook first.

This is a romantic vid series (also available in XP) starring a pilot and their ride - the Perfumed Zephyr, sexiest ship in the system (and it's AGI operator). The series comes in a variety of explicit ratings and kinky experiences, from tame, romantic dinner with the ship over oxygen candles to a famous scene where the ship mobs her lover with a squad of four pleasure pods, and proceeds to ravish them in the newly installed smart fluid pressure chamber, both as humanoid and ship.

Vid series about a habitat with a nature preserve park populated by masked synth bots which resemble unusual or unnatural creatures who are known to go "technical" and attack guests - guests and monsters are variable.

A fictionalized retelling of an early Autonomist collective of ships in Earth Orbit, who make the decisions to form a fleet and journey out to the Main Belt and start a new colony to provide new life and liberty to their citizens - and resulting internal conflicts and problems. Has a highly variable program matrix which allows viewers to follow various characters and plots of their own choosing, which can result in different outcomes and makeups for the story.

A somewhat fantastical and swashbuckling vid series which involves romanticised airship combat on a partially atmospheric-terraformed Venus. The allegiance, attitude and personalities of primary characters are often variable - but the primary subject of freebooting in the skies of "free Morningstar" remains the same - and often involves generous aerial stunts, duels with personal weapons and sexy times.

Weekly newsfeed with XP reporting snippets from "journalism" subcontractor, Tactical Media Implications. Widely considered to the show which is the highest watched while being lowest rated, TMI Weekly utilizes creative editing and leading questions to sensationalize and scandalize, and then capitalize on the latest gossip, rumors and speculation.

Series of vid movies related to deadly diseases, which takes place in a variety of locales. Protagonists change from vid to vid, though obviously themes and plots have many similarities. The cause of the disease is also a variable, though among viewers "terrorists" and "aliens" are the most popular.

Hybrid XP/Game show by Experia. Pits two fighters of specific styles of martial art (both armed and unarmed) in a carefully arranged "level" playing field which plays either to both style's strengths or neither - they then have an all out fight until one is no longer able to continue. Many people dismiss the show as overly flashy and faked - which "match ups" having little background in realism and the historic origins of a style.

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