Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Acid Gland

Utilizing implants, Transhumans have been able to weaponize their bodies in a number of ways. Claws (p. 305 EP) are most common, or implanted blades, but there are more exotic implants, such as poison glands, mounted weapons, and even some exotic morphs have hardened cybernetic teeth and jaws. While this suits most self-defense or utility needs, there are some (particularly Exhuman clades) who seek to mimic or implement even more defensive/offensive tactics - one of the most obvious and easiest is the Acid Gland - as nearly all biomorphs already produce acid naturally.

Acid Gland: This implant adds a new gland in the throat or mouth area which naturally produces and stores a small amount of acid of similar composition to stomach acid. With the appropriate stimulation or reflex, the morph can spray a jet of acid from their mouth at an enemy. This uses the Exotic Ranged Weapon: Acid Gland skill, and on a hit deals 2d10 DV and will deal an additional 1d10 DV each Action Turn for 3 turns, or until the acid is removed or canceled (such as by a chemical reaction). The damage is reduced by Kinetic armor, but the AV of that armor is reduced by the damage until repaired. This is a Cone attack with Range 5/10/15/20. Unfortunately, the gland suffers from metabolic limitations, and can only be used with this range and effectiveness roughly once per day. It does, however, also typically involve protecting the innards of the morph from acidic damage so they are not harmed by their own spit. [Moderate]
Bombardier Gland variant: This version of the implant was developed by Genehackers on Fortean, still trying to get around the "fire-breathing problem". While not necessarily able to project fire like a Torch, this version of the gland functions the same but instead of acid, it produces chemicals which when mixed and spat out produce a chemical reaction for intense heat, like certain insects use. It uses the same skill, has the same range, and inflicts the same DV, but this is reduced by Energy armor. If the attacker scores an excellent success, the target will be set On Fire, taking 1d10 DV each action turn until they can put it out. While not as useful as a last-ditch mechanism by Exhumans, for those who live in atmospheres regularly and would like a surprise that doesn't eat through the deck plates, it is an alternative. [Moderate]

The Acid Gland tends to be restricted in most enclosed habitats, due to their ability to inflict lasting collateral damage on people and infrastructure, noted above. Even some anarchist collectives have managed to vote to ban them completely. Thus, the implant is usually seen as something for antisocials or counter-cultures, either romanticised rebels or predator exhumans. They also take great skill to get used to for most humanoids, which means their accuracy is usually poor, but octopi have shown some natural aptitude for it. This has led to recent reports of possible Hidden Concern agents who shoot clouds of acid ink at pursuers, which is very unpleasant (though not able to cause severe damage as the acid is diluted).

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