Sunday, February 5, 2017

Splinter Grenade

Scientists have been studying and sampling the exoplanet known as Wonderland for beneficial research and technology. So far, not very much has come back, but some genehackers and specialists in organic construction have been able to develop a rough analog to the defense mechanisms of the local fungus - integrating the large, fruit-like growths which explode into sharp spines with electronic components which can mimic a conventional grenade. This showcases Pathfinder's mentality very strongly, efforts to make profit from a planet any way possible. Rumors and development of a conventional ranged weapon which can fire the splinters have so far led nowhere due to such designs being "impractical".

Splinter Grenade: This heavy, spined fruit-looking explosive is derived from the defense mechanism of a macro-scale fungus on an Exoplanet. It has a hardened, almost chitinous shell covered in sharp, micro-barbed spikes. Inside is a chemical compound which explodes in reaction to electricity, and a small interface has been inserted into it so it can be utilized like a normal grenade. When it explodes, it does 3d10+4 DV with an AP of -4 in an area of 5 meters. While not necessarily more effective than other grenades, the weapon is very unusual and surprising, and some scanners may not be able to identify it as a weapon. This type of weapon is only available as a grenade, not a seeker. [Moderate]

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