Sunday, February 5, 2017

Independently Wealthy/Smooth Operator

Cost: 20 CP
The character comes from a wealthy background, such as a powerful and rich family, having a strong investment portfolio, or has some other source of independent wealth, such as a patent or other IP which is regularly profitable to them. This means they gather wealth and resources they can access regularly without needing to directly work to earn their income and can coast on steady profits. The character automatically makes an amount of Credits per week equal to the amount they would be paid for a week of work as per the Income chart on page 104 of Transhuman. The character bases this income on the Rep Score they have in their Faction's primary Network - if they have no network chose the best applicable rep score based on the source of wealth. This trait should not be taken by characters with a background in autonomist societies, who live and work in the New Economy or otherwise would not gain "wealth".

Cost: 10 CP
The character has a tendency to seem trustworthy and favorable, or easy to like even if they have a low rep score. People naturally want to like and consider this character to have a positive reputation, even when they do not know them. When rolling a skill test to Curry Rep (p. 105 Transhuman), they gain a +10 to that roll, and the Reputation they gain if they pass is +1.

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