Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jamming Gun

EWAR is a function which still exists in AF 10, and can be vitally important when dealing with certain kinds of technology or opponents. While completely shutting down local radio/mesh networks is very difficult due to their inherent nature and limited power, blocking singular targets or small groups can be possible. Jamming rounds (p. 338 EP) can perform this function, creating minute, basic jamming on targets utilizing firearms - while not very powerful they can be accurately placed as needed. EMP Grenades or Seekers (p. 340 EP) do not shut out radio directly, but will damage antennae and significantly reduce maximum radio range. But for dedicated, potent jamming on a singular target, there are other solutions.

Jamming Gun: Roughly rifle-sized, this device is designed to look and work a bit like a gun, but unlike other Beam Weapons it fires a beam of focused EM signals, mostly radio waves, in a relatively tight beam. This will block most bands of radio communication, and has a maximum effective range in most environments of about 1000m (less in a situation which would reduce radios). Attempting to hit a target who is actively avoiding the beam is Opposed Beam Weapons vs Fray, with success hitting the target and causing radio jamming (p. 262 EP). Attempting to overcome the jamming is an Opposed Interfacing test. Originally designed to disable flying drones, this device can be used to shut down bots, stop remote interfacing on vehicles, or prevent a person from using normal radio communication. It also has a potent effect on nanoswarms, who are damaged by the loss of communication. Jamming a nanoswarm causes it to take 1d10 DV and a -10 penalty to all actions like from a Wound - and while jammed a nanoswarm only has minimal functions. Works off batteries which have over 100 hours of use in them. [Low]

While Radio Jamming in general is illegal (or at least socially unacceptable) in most habs, the Jamming Gun is slightly less restricted. While not always available to the general public (as they could target infrastructural bots, like security drones) they are used by government officials and available to many private security groups, to stop espionage and protect against potentially hostile bots. Teams going into hot TITAN zones often carry at least one Jamming Gun should they encounter hostile war-machines.

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