Saturday, February 11, 2017


Arachne (Pod)
One of the latest models from Fortean, this pod actually isn't necessarily directly mythological - but pop-cultural. However it does have a decent background, and thus was chosen. The Arachne has an upper torso of a human (usually female) and a lower body which resembles a spider. This morph very heavily utilizes cybernetics and biosculpting to create, and so there is some debate among genehackers if it meets the proper standards of Fortean, but functionally it has the respective elements. The legs end in grip pad material so it can climb, and the multi-leg pace makes them fairly quick on their feet and able to move easily, despite their enlarged size. For protection, the shell of the lower body and sections of the torso are carapaced, but most of the upper body is not, though this protection is fairly balanced (and conventional armor is hard to wear on the Arachne anyway). The morph has venom, sharp bioware claws and lightning fast reaction time, meaning it can be used for fighting or security purposes pretty easily, but most impressive are its mobility options - not just the grip pads but a spindle build into the lower torso, and spinneret organs in the hands or mouth usually for organic silk. While hobbyists popularize the morph, it's also been of some appeal to Neo-Octopi, and those in ongoing areas of octopode research, and supposedly some hypercorps have acquired a version of the design to test with octopi minds to create "water spider" pods.
Implants: Access Jacks, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Insert, Carapace Armor, Claws, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Vision, Extra Limbs (8 Legs/2 Arms), Grip Pads, Modularized Gear (Spindle), Mnemonic Augmentation, Poison Gland (Twitch), Predator Node, Puppet-Sock, Reflex Booster, Spinneret
Movement Rate: 4/20 Walker
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 50 (w/ Hardened Skeleton)
Wound Threshold: 10
Advantages: +10 Freerunning, +5 COO, +10 SOM (w/ Hardened Skeleton), +10 REF (w/ Reflex Booster), +1 Speed (w/ Reflex Booster), Limber (1) trait
Notes: Large Size, Nonmammalian Biochemistry, Social Stigma (Pod)
CP Cost: 45
Credit Cost: Expensive (45,000)

(The arachne is a recent creation of mine. While I'm sure I've seen someone else attempt a "Drider", they probably did not mount a spindle to it, or invent a new Bioware to produce spider silk. Technically, this morph breaks some rules, such as Carapace not covering literally the entire body or rendering the morph hairless - though an Arachne still can't stack armor with it unless it allows stacking separately. It also has a gear mount built in, but it's cool, so skip the problem. The morph itself is very tough, quite large and has some potent bonuses due to implants. It could easily be used as a combat platform for a "tank" character. But is also has great mobility. I included the freerunning bonus because spiders move pretty fast, and multiple strong legs would be ideal for short sprints, jumps and clearing of obstacles - and the climb bonus is already vastly added by Grip Pads. This means you can use this morph to really get around. Add some additional modifications, and you can get a variety of uses from the morph. Just remember the Large size and vast collection of legs, which can make tight spaces uncomfortable, even with Limber.)

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