Sunday, February 26, 2017

LN2 Gun

Spray Weapons are an interesting niche, firing various propellants and projectiles in cone formations to strike targets - sometimes being able to hit multiple targets at once. They have an odd utility niche then, with close combat potential, anti-swarm uses (Torches, for instance) and then possible less-lethal or other utility applications. But, while Fire is a useful weapon, so too can the cold. Cold temperatures cause severe damage to many living things and objects, but may not harm others, and can be useful - and coolants have significantly advanced to allow cryogenic substance to be portable.

LN2 Gun: Also called "coolers", "freeze rays", "cryo-guns" or "ice makers", this rifle-sized spray weapon is fundamentally set up similar to a Torch, but it utilizes tanks or capsules of cryonic chemicals or gasses condensed in a liquid form - usually Nitrogen for it's relative commonality. The coolants sprayed by the gun can reach temperatures of -200 C, and are thus severely harmful to anything they touch which isn't heavily hardened against cold. Unlike most torch fuels, the LN2 Gun will still harm in non-oxygen environments and can work even in vacuum. The DV it deals is not normally reduced by armor - though characters which have Temperature protections, or are wearing armor which is protected against cold temperatures (Such as a Full Body Armor, or Vacsuit) will only take half damage. Bots, Vehicles and Synthmorphs which have been equipped with the coldest environmental protections may be immune from the damage entirely. If the attacker scores an Excellent Success (MoS 30+), the target begins Freezing, and will take 1d10 DV (halved as normal if protected) per Action Turn until they take some steps to remove the coolant or make it evaporate. [Moderate]
AP 0 2d10 DV SS Ammo 100

The LN2 Gun has a variety of uses. For one, it can be used as an alternative to substances like NotWater as a Fire Suppressant, as it will reduce temperature and reduce oxygen content. For this dual purpose they are often seen owned by long-haul space crews to keep both to help repel any boarders or other surprises and prevent a disastrous fire. Also commonly, these weapons are used by synthmorph activists or criminal outfits, as they are partially protected from the supercool temperatures whereas many biomorphs are not - environmentally hardened Exhumans may also prefer them to fire. Nanoswarms also take poorly to being frozen, as individual micro- or nanobots often lack the ability to generate sufficient heat to survive the cooling. Gatecrashers sometimes carry them to handle biological threats on exoplanets, which can have surprising durability when it comes to conventional weapons - but rare are the lifeforms which can survive such extremely low temperatures.

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