Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Shotgun Ammo v2

(Author's Note: Sorry about sporadic updating lately. I'm recovering from oral surgery right now, and have also been working on an unrelated homebrew project a lot. Expect H-Rep updates to remain infrequent for probably the rest of the week.

Additionally, this one basically has the same Author's Note as the original Shotgun Ammo entry)

Prices listed for 20 rounds.

API: An armor-piercing incendiary slug, really more of a flechette which ignites when fired. Modern rounds use self-oxidizing compounds so they work even in vacuum, and generally function similar to Reactive or Reactive-Armor Piercing ammo (p. 338 EP) for normal kinetic weapons. It improves armor penetration over the normal slug, but isn't quite as effective as total damage. Remove the Cone effect, and increase AP by -6 and DV by +1. [Moderate]

Bolo: Named after a tool to catch game or cattle, this round utilizes two slugs or balls linked together by a metal cable. The intent is that the cable forces the rounds to spin and maintain energy, as well as create more damaging wounds - however historically it was very much a novelty round as the cable could often snap or otherwise fail to work properly. Transhuman engineering has helped this problem, with stronger cabling material which maintains much better - creating an exotic round for those focused on any kind of "stopping" power. It removes the Cone effect, increases AP and DV by 2, and when dealing damage with this round, the target's WT is considered 1 less than normal. [Moderate]

Breach: Breaching rounds are a classic shotgun tool, a slug which is designed to immediately disperse after hitting it into a relatively harmless dust or powder - with the intent to breach doors or other obstacles without hurting persons behind them, which might include hostages or bystanders. Law Enforcement in urban habs may still use breaching rounds to destroy door locks and other barriers rapidly - and they also have a strong effect on bots and synthmorphs, but are made with a material which reacts similar to biter or flayer rounds and immediately begins to disperse when it hits a soft target to cause minimal harm. VS hardened or inanimate objects such as walls and structures, bots, vehicles and synthmorphs, this round has -10 AP and adds +1d10 DV, but against soft targets like biomorphs it doubles the target's AV and does -1d10 damage. Either removes the Cone effect. Commonly called "Master Key" or "Can-opener" rounds. [Low]

Flash: Part firework, part crowd control, these rounds work similar to Dragon's Breath ones, but with a combusting powder which is much more focused on light than heat. Fired, they produce bright flashes and gouts of flames which will blind those who look at it. This reduces DV by 1d10 which is reduced by E armor, but anyone looking at the weapon when it fires takes a -10 glare penalty to most actions, until the end of the Action Turn. A target hit by the flash round directly must make a SOM+REF test, if they fail they are severely blinded and take a -30 on actions which reduced by -10 every Action Turn until their sight completely returns. [Low]

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