Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Smart Axe

The ice axe is a useful tool for climbing and survival - which resembles several deadly weapons of war. It is really only used in a conflict in a pinch, but has a variety of uses for those who journey onto exoplanets, the Martian highlands or many frozen moons in the Outer System. But, transhumanity is usually not content to keep a design exactly as it was - and just normal materials are sometimes inadequate for the extremes of both environment and use they can see in the broader solar system. Thus, exploratory types have engineered new tools for many uses which integrate smart materials and other factors.

Smart Axe: A one-handed tool which resembles an ice axe, the head of this weapon is made from smart materials which can shift their density and texture around as needed. The head can be sharper and non-stick when carving into ice, but when embedded can get a strong "grip" on the material it's dug into. This also makes it better when used for self-defense, as it can bite into flesh or remain hardened to penetrate armor. Most smart axes come with a polymer "leash" which keeps it attached to the hand if dropped. A person carrying or wielding a Smart Axe gets +10 on Climbing checks while using it. [Low]
AP -2 1d10+2+DB DV

These axes are most commonly seen as tools in the hands of Gatecrashers or sportsmen on Mars or the moons of the Outer Fringe, who swear by it's usefulness in a climb - and for gatecrashers in also being able to fend off hostile xenofauna. While modeled on an ice axe, the smart material head means it can work on rock and other materials just as easily - so is utilized by mountaineers of all stripes. While few reclaimers will openly claim they have climbed on Earth recently, the tool should also be of use there and some of them are known to carry them. Others simply use it in place of a utility knife  or other similar tool when they need - a proper multipurpose device.

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