Monday, March 13, 2017


While many are effective or even insidious, many forms of "Traps" available to Eclipse Phase are distinctly non-portable, and even complex. Those that aren't tend to be explosives or otherwise highly destructive. While for TITANs, criminals or private security forces who really like their privacy, this makes sense, there are many situations where a regular individual in their course of life might with to lay out a "trap" to catch or discourage vermin, wild artificials or trespassers. In this case, there is the Mantrap.

Mantrap: The mantrap is a portable anti-personnel trap which folds up to be about the size of an early 21st century portable computer. It is "armed" by opening it and setting it on the floor. There are two, primary varieties of mantrap, harmful and adhesive. The adhesive trap, also known as a glue trap or a "roach" trap, has an adhesive covering which activates in contact with air. If stepped in, a character will become stuck to the trap, which may prevent them from moving entirely, or greatly restrict their movement by encumbering one leg (half movement rate) and giving them a -20 penalty on Fray and other movement skills unless they can pass a SOM test to break free. If anchored to the floor or another surface, it can effectively immobilize like an Adhesive Surface (p. 181 X-Risks).

The harmful or injurious type is referred to as a "maneater", a "welcome mat" and many other names. It has folding "jaws" with offset teeth lined with nearly monomolecular edges - which are not designed to be self-sharpening and thus dull inside the target to catch better once they enter. These traps can even be lethal if they cause the right damage, and are armed with a pressure plate and a remote trigger to activate. When they do so, they slam shut, they deal an amount of DV equal to the target's Wound Threshold x3, with an AP of -6. This will typically incapacitate most morphs, though those in heavy armor compared to their smaller weight may find relatively little harm as the force is offset and thus allow them to escape relatively unharmed. A trapped character is likely to be knocked prone and forced to move that way (recommend limiting them to 1/4 movement) or otherwise have their movement significantly hampered, granting a -30 penalty to Fray and other movement tests unless they can remove the trap with a SOM x2 test, or someone else might damage or destroy it.

Both types of traps are equipped with mesh signals to send radio alerts or telemetry data when they are activated. Spotting a mantrap is at -10. [Low]

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