Friday, March 10, 2017

Smart Ammo

Smart Ammo takes advantage of nanotechnology for nano-scale computing and advanced materials science to build rounds which can alter their shape and thus ballistics and aerodynamics, or take advantage of sensor data and telemetry, usually provided by Smartlink (p. 342 EP) systems embedded in every modern weapon system. But, while optical guidance can be useful and make impressive moves (such as indirect fire with Homing or Laser Guided rounds) advances in sensor miniaturization also means many traditional methods of guidance for larger rounds (namely vehicle-mounted missiles) can be placed in Seekers and even Kinetic ammunition to give a wide variety of advantages in a combat situation. Listed prices are per 100 rounds.

ARM: An abbreviation of "anti-radiation missile", this type of Smart Ammo may only be equipped to Seekers, and has a detection system which locks onto signals of Radio waves - including jammers, Radar, T-Rays and wireless radio communication, though they tend to only pick targets over a certain strength. It grants a total of +20 to attack rolls made against a target which is actively radiating (I/E using Radar, Radio Jamming or Radio communication), which does not stack with bonuses such as the Smartlink. Their tracking has a range based on the size of the round uses. Micromissiles have a range of 50 meters in close environments, and 500 meters in the open, Minimissiles have 1/20 km, and the Standard Missile 25/250 km. While the ARM is hard to defeat with ECM or physical countermeasures, they are limited by the strength of the enemy sensor/comm system and might be confused by shutting down systems if they are detected. [Low]

Heatseeker: These weapons are IR-guided, armed with small sensors which lock onto sources of IR radiation - namely those which radiate heat, though IFF though Smartlinks prevents targeting friendlies. This primarily includes biomorphs, most vehicles and many kinds of personal gear. When used it offers a +20 bonus to attacks (which does not stack with other weapon bonuses like Smartlink) against targets which are warm, and can also be used for indirect fire. However, while accurate in most situations, Heatseekers can be defeated by dampened or shielded targets, or may be blocked by decoys, flares or other active countermeasures. [Low]

Radar-Guided: There are two varieties of Radar-guided smart ammo. The first is "semi-active" which can be installed in both Seekers and Kinetic ammo. This uses a radar receiver communicated via Smartlink from the user (or an allied Radar if using TacNet) to guide it onto a target, functioning as an alternative to Laser guidance. It grants a +10 to hit a target so long as they are inside Radar range and visible to that system. "Active" Radar smart ammo can only be equipped on Seeker Mini and Standard Missiles, as it involves their own miniaturized Radar set. The size of the round is required in order to give the set sufficient battery life and range to work. These units home onto a designated target with their own Radar, which makes them very accurate and allows the user to "fire-and-forget" as they can cease guidance and even be jammed from the seeker round. It grants a +30 bonus to the attack, but this does not stack with any modifiers from the user such as Smartlinks or even Aim actions, and this bonus may be reduced if the target is protected against Radar. They are also limited by the sensor range of their home unit, able to lock on at 1 km in urban environments or 20 km in open ones for Minimissiles, and 25/250 km for Standard Missiles. [Low] for Semi-Active, [Moderate] for Active

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