Thursday, March 30, 2017

Corporations #3

Major Industries: Food, Makers
AM is a fairly standard Hypercorp mostly based out of Luna and Mars. Their original industry was in supplying meals and food service to prisons and penal indenture in areas in the orbital sphere of the Earth (including the Moon), but as criminal justice mostly phased away from physical prisons, they needed to do some restructuring. After rebranding, Andromeda took their established industry and marketed it more toward both public and corporate spheres. They sell multiple levels of makers, from small personal food prep stations to big industrial scale ones for corporate stations or indenture housing. They also offer pre-prepared meal plans for those who are not able, or do not wish to own a nanotech device in their own homes. There are strong and persistent rumors that Andromeda regularly donates funds to the Ultimates. Their logo is "AM" emblazoned over a galaxy.

Major Industries: Computer Peripherals
Apex is a relatively standard hypercorp based on Progress who develop and sell computer peripherals and accessories. This includes fiberoptic and other connection cables, external holographic projectors, speakers and displays, ecto accessories, simulspace headsets and more. Like many corps, they iterate their designs frequently to encourage consumers to buy again and help prevent piracy - which is rampant for their designs in the Outer System. Despite relative popularity and quality, they are a corp with middling value and success, usually because they sell relatively cheap products and do so frequently. Their logo is a barely stylized "APEX" or "AX-P" on their products.

Major Industries: Batteries, Energy, Weapons
Ostensibly, FGS primary industry is in batteries - both conventional and nuclear - and various charging and connection accessories for their batteries. However, their battery designs almost exclusively are integrated into powered weapons, such as beam weapons and railguns. Not only is Fu-Green compatible with most leading brands of these weapons, they also produce their own blueprints for many common weapons or aftermarket "upgrade" kits for certain high-power components, such as magnetic rails. Early intelligence indicates that several of the controlling members of this corp may be Asyncs and funneling their profits into efforts to conceal or even train Asyncs in hiding. Their logo is an indigo star.

Major Industries: Genetics, Robotics, Entertainment
"Bringing you a Magical Life" 
Goto-Collins is a company which has grown steadily over the past couple decades and absorbed or integrated several other corps. Originally, as just "Goto Production", they were a "prop-maker" or production company which specialized in custom bioscuplting and robotics or animatronics for props in vids, vidgames and physical locations. Since then, their business has expanded, not only do they do production work, but they also offer custom bodysculpting and cosmetic mods for morphs (both for entertainment or personal use), detailing and customization on bots and smart animals and even custom, to-spec builds of drones or vehicles. Their logo is a lavender mermaid.

Major Industries: Spacecraft, Synthmorphs, Bots
Helios is an unaffiliated Hypercorp based in the Vulcanoids and coordinated by a board with owners from several groups who specializes in "Solar"-rated technology. They produce external and integrated shielding and protection systems for spacecraft, bots or external platforms and synthmorphs (such as the Sundiver) to operate in the orbits close to the Sun. This gives them access to a wide variety of technologies and even clients - and they are known for strict political neutrality to provide products to many groups. Some of their tech is even being utilized in Exoplanet systems via the Vulcanoid gate. Their logo is a shield over a sun.

Major Industries: Virtual/Electronic Gambling
This hypercorp is based on Venus, and specializes in electronic or virtual gambling. They primarily run mesh addresses mirrored across aerostats to handle gambling in traditional games, sports betting and fantasy sports and other methods virtually - all done with simple interfaces. For those with nostalgia, Jones also produces high quality electronic machines which one can place in a place of business, such as slots, pachinko and virtual poker. Due to virtual integration, transfer of money is done fairly quickly and without much fuss - with harsh penalties for those who go into debt officiated by Extropian legal contractors. Many have attempted to draw connections between Jones and several major crime syndicates, but there appear to be none. Their logo is a tan card with "jones" printed on the back.

Major Industries: Data Mining and Analysis
Nebula is a independent contracting corp who handles data gathering and analysis. Unlike Stellar Intelligence, they are do not perform what might be considered "espionage" work or any advanced forms, but will collect and analyze public data. Their best functions are in traffic analysis (either data or physical movement) to aid governing bodies or corporations, but they can also track memetics, engagement or interaction and general trending and make projections accordingly. Due to their relatively innocuous nature, it is highly suspected that Nebula is either a front for some other organization (Such as Oversight, Sybils, ID Crew, Firewall, etc) or has higher levels who work for one or more groups such as that. Their logo is a purple octagon.

Major Industries: Investment Banking
NFI is a banking and investment group, split between majority holding in Luna and Extropia. They handle primary physical banking and resource investment and speculations - their name coming from their original business speculating and trading in investments in radioactive isotopes and fissile materials. They have since moved on to handle transactions involving other heavy and rare metals, volatiles, fusibles, antimatter or even low-value trading and banking in common substances such as carbon and silicates. NFI's physical branches also will hold physical materials in secured, shielded containers for clients, meaning that they've been targeted by erstwhile "bank robbers" before, none of whom have had much success. Their logo is an atom inside a box, which represents a bank vault.

Major Industries: Agriculture, Food
Nymphoods is an extropian-based hypercorp who work in foodstuffs and in "agriculture". Unlike some other groups, their work is based heavily in nano-ecology. They not only sell food produced in nanotech enhanced environments, but also home kits to grow food aided by nanotechnology (such as gardener swarms). This advanced tech tends to make their products expensive, but high quality. Nymphoods also owns and operates a restaurant in The Noodle on Extropia which displays the excellence of their food, and is also known for its interesting scene with attractive service staff and modular environment and atmosphere via smart materials. Their logo is the stylized "Nymphoods".

Major Industries: Environmental Shielding, Stasis Tech
WM Foundation is a bit of a low key, but steadily working hypercorp. They produce a variety of environmental protection and shields for habitats, such as micrometeorite protection, atmospheric seals, various temperature insulation, etc. This includes both external shielding, and protection for various internal facilities, such as for medical facilities or special storage. They also have recently branched into medical stasis tech, such as for morph storage or long term medical care - or even cryogenic preservation. Apparently the company has developed a focus on building habitats and structures to withstand any disaster. Rumors have recently begun circulating, however, that one of their major researchers is actually an infamous con artist. Their logo is a set of connected hexes with W-M overlaid.

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