Saturday, March 25, 2017


Neo-Raptor (Biomorph)
A product of the "Lost World" Center in Burroughs Crater, this is a transgenic morph creation built from a combination of extant DNA samples, structural analysis of fossil record, neogenetic modeling of Dromaeosauridae and Neo-Avian uplift strains. The result is a small, avian-form morph which visibly and functionally resembles "raptor" dinosaur species. While the morph cannot fly and instead must glide short distances with feathers and membrane it has several advantages over the normal Neo-Avian, such as powerful legs and a counterbalancing tail for sprinting, greater sense of vision and smell over uplifted species, sharp claws on the hands and feet - the latter of which are designed to be highly flexible and prehensile. Because they were designed on Mars, the morph also comes "Rusterized" and able to survive many Martian conditions with lower oxygen values and temperatures. For purposes of logistics, most Neo-Raptors are based on smaller species and stand about 1 meter in height, but larger variants exist. This is a fully marketed product, and several Hypercorps have taken to employing them with Neo-Avian uplifts as patrol and security forces due to their inherent agility and intimidating appearance. It should be noted, this is not a proper uplift species. Not enough DNA exists to recreate a raptor species and uplift in situ - the Neo-Raptor is more akin to a specialized and adapted Neo-Avian morph and they do not exist as a species on their own.
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Bioweave Armor (Light), Claws, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Respiration, Enhanced Vision, Gliding Membrane, Prehensile Feet, Temperature Tolerance
Movement Rate: 4/20 (Walker)
Aptitude Maximum: 30 (20 SOM)
Durability: 30
Wound Threshold: 6
Advantages: +5 SOM, +5 INT, +10 REF, +10 Flight, +10 Freerunning, +10 Intimidation
Notes: Small Size, Nonmammalian Biochemistry
CP Cost: 30
Credit Cost: Expensive (30,000)

(This is an idea I've had since the first glimmers of Burroughs Crater - a way to add a bit of unique flavor for them into the game itself beyond the area of the crater. I know others have made dinosaurid morphs in the past, but this clicked really well for my own variation to work with Lost World. The result is a pretty pesky little bugger, with a lot of skill enhancements to counterbalance the limited SOM, relatively low DUR and limited implant selection, including the loss of the Wings. With this aptitude and implant spread, they make decent morphs for combat and scouting, with a lot of mobility. Range isn't their thing, but you could outfit them with Chameleon Skin and let loose if you liked - a raptor with a gun is probably a pretty fun image. I'm explicitly noting this is not a "Raptor Uplift" - that's a really complex process which would require reviving actual dromaeosaurs and carefully adjusting their genetics to make them transhuman level cognitives, and there's just not enough of the underlying DNA to work with. Even if someone was "born" into a Neo-Raptor morph, they'd just be a Neo-Avian pattern uplift with a specialized morph. Use enlarged size if you want to model a larger "sub-species" of Neo-Raptor.)

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