Sunday, April 30, 2017

Updates/Second Edition

So, in case you don't know, Posthuman Studios has launched a Kickstarter for Eclipse Phase 2E, which can be found here. It's already funded, so Second Edition is a for sure, and they have several interesting stretch goals already met and planned. To my understanding, there will be an open playtest starting on the 5th - so expect to see some thoughts and impressions here, possibly even some notations about conversion of earlier entries to new mechanics of 2E. I will not be doing a post-by-post conversion, and depending on the subject future entries will probably follow both or just 1E rules - but all fluff pieces and work should still be applicable.

I've been working on an unrelated writing project for the past week or so, which has taken up a lot of my focus from writing H-Rep. That said, I still have plenty of notes and subjects - including groups, new tools or weapons, concepts and locations, so expect to see them before too long at some period, probably once the 2E playtest gets my mental ball rolling.

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  1. So, as I understand, you take a break in writing? I hope that you will be back soon. Your articles are really interesting. Also, I think that H-Rep logfile is not big enough. :D