Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Breach Hammer

Breach Hammer: Similar in design to the much larger Power Sledge, this one-handed blunt weapon has a shape and density adjusting head to bring maximal impact force when swung at a target. It is designed to strike both opponents in hardened armors, and also to be valid to use against some inanimate structures, like interior walls, doors and vehicle panels. Some are balanced to be thrown, but the weight means that this is not a usual tactic, reserved for morphs with enhanced strength and reflexes. [Low]
AP -3 1d10+4+DB DV

Breach Hammers are a rare sight, usually only carried by law enforcement or special forces operators in certain conditions where they might need to break down obstacles or break up armor - but aren't using tougher implements for more rigorous breach work, perhaps because they do not wish to harm civilians or infrastructure. Due to the hardiness of synthmorphs, riot police on Luna sometimes forego regular batons and other implements for hardier breach hammers in order to be better suited to actually damaging synthmorphs. And of course, while smashing down a door or wall is not "subtle", it can be quieter than using something like liquid thermite or plastic explosives to breach a door, meaning those who wish to act with swiftness and without incredible amounts of light and noise might use them for their typical purpose to breach.

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