Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Type: Terrestrial (Venusian)
Primary Star: G1V (Yellow Dwarf)
Gravity: .93 g
Diameter: 12,507.2 km
Atmospheric Pressure: 20 atm
Atmospheric Composition: 53% Nitrogen, 19% CO2, 15% Sulfur Dioxide, 12% Methane, trace other gasses
Surface Temperature (Mean): 52 C
Day Length: 15 hours
Orbital Period: 294 Days
Satellites: None
Gate Access: Vulcanoid Gate, Ascension Gate
Notes: High Population of System Bodies, Dangerous Natural Terrain, Alien Ruins
Cairn is a burial ground. An ancient alien civilization, at least to a tech level equivalent of the early Industrial Period, died out as their planet hit a greenhouse effect similar to Venus and they were killed by a massive shift in temperature and pressure, along with all other major life on the planet, leaving only traces of their civilization. As far as anyone can tell, the locals of Cairn were a probably insectoid race who lived colonial lives, similar to ants or termites, and mixed underground and aboveground structuring. Very little physical remains of their species has been found (though some samples appear to have made it back to the rim and into the prototype designs of the Samsa morph), but Genehackers from both TerraGenesis and Pathfinder are eager for more samples. Sadly, in addition to territorial disputes between the two Gate corps, Cairn is difficult to traverse due to the extreme pressure, high temperature, poisonous atmosphere, all of which is compounded by the rough terrain of Cairn, which is filled with unstable tunnels underground, shifting sediment layers and unsettled rock formations, in addition to fierce sandstorms and other erosive forces. This makes Cairn highly unsafe to explore. Cairn is also of interest as, despite the very thick atmosphere, its system is estimated to hold as many as 11 other major planetary bodies, which would be highly interesting to study, if possible. The Cairn Gate is located atop a wide, relatively stable mesa, part of a cluster of such structures which rise high above a sandy desert formed by the collapse of many structures of the local civilization (perhaps a city built near the Gate), who are usually referred to as the “Formics”.

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